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Are you struggling with?

Unfulfilling Life

When life feels like a treadmill without a direction lacking passion & purpose.

Work-Life Balance

When life is completely unbalanced & work is the #1 priority.

Too Busy for God

When life is so busy that time with God rarely happens.

Spiritual Growth

Design a custom road-map that aligns with God’s plan & improve every aspect of your life.

Spiritual Growth Plan & Guidance

24/7 Purpose is all about doing life God’s way every day and helping others achieve the same reaching a new level of spiritual growth. We offer online courses with spiritual guidance to promote Christian maturity on a continuous basis.

Many followers of Jesus believe but they don’t know how to get closer to Jesus. Going to church is a necessary part of Christian life but beyond the sermons and the fellowship on Sunday, what is the practical way to get closer to God the other days of the week?  In addition to the lack of “know-how”, work and home life demands seem to get in the way of spending time focused on God and reading the Bible.

We understand because we’ve been there. The high pressure demands of home and work life interfere with spiritual priorities and this prevents an intimate relationship with God which blocks the abillity to release the unimagined life that He intends for each of us.

Want to be all-in for God? Not sure how?
We help you design a spiritual growth plan to prioritize God first.
So easy, it will surprise you!
Ignite new passion, get aligned & grow with God.


“Ms. Teresa and 24/7 Purpose have been the most significant life changing experience I’ve had; next to my coming to Christ.  Through this course I have grown more as a man and a Christian.  the personal and spiritual examinations are things that I shall carry on for the rest of my life.”

— David N. – Lawrenceville, GA

24/7 Purpose; the most impactful, simply strategic plan of opening my mind to the wonderful world of abiding God’s will without wonder or work.  It’s simply obvious.  Incredibly impactful!  The strategic simplicity made this a no brainer.

— Cindy D. – Dallas, TX

Founded on God's Greatest Commandment

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.” ~ Jesus [Mark 12:30-31 NIV]

Beautiful Savior, Our Prayer

Beautiful Savior how we long for your ways of righteousness. Flowing is the current that leads us to deeper water. Let us rest

Beautiful Savior, Our Prayer
Haiti Mission Update: Mission of Hope IT Training School

Haiti Mission Update Tears of joy roll down my cheeks as I share this update on the Haiti mission taking place at the Mission o

Haiti Mission Update: Mission of Hope IT Training School
Inspirations from the Lord

In my morning quiet time with God I pray for wisdom.  Sometimes I receive inspirations from the Lord intended for sharing…

Inspirations from the Lord
God is Joy Not Sorrow

God speaks of joy, not sorrow. He knows our pain, but He is not the master of misery. He heals our afflictions not to be steadf

God is Joy Not Sorrow
Turning Back Pain into Empathy

How ironic. Just a few weeks ago I blogged about turning trials into triumph. Today, I’m typing this one flat on my back

Turning Back Pain into Empathy
Turn Trials Into Triumph

During my long season as a “work-a-holic,” I faced multiple trials in my professional career as well as my personal

Turn Trials Into Triumph

My field, where I’m called to serve, is below my feet and I walk in His Grace serving this little space answering His call hour by hour, person by person, task by task in Divine service. Tomorrow might bring a new calling but tomorrow may never come, so I prepare thoughtfully for tomorrow while fulfilling each opportunity of the day to bring Him glory.

— Teresa Devine – Founder 24/7 Purpose