What am I DOING?

So, the awkward road of starting the halftime journey is in full force today.  I’m grappling between the “living in the world Teresa” and the “serving the Lord Teresa”.  I know that these should be one in the same, but honestly they are not.  I’m ashamed to say that the “world” is still winning and I’m not able to connect my work life with serving Him.  I am stuck in this rut, so I feel.  My identity is still all tied up with “worldly” things driving me to make decisions based on fear instead of faith.  So I ask myself, do I just take the plunge and let the chips fall where they may?  I’ve heard financial horror stories about making these hasty decisions... read more

Friend or Stranger?

According to our “world” I would have to call this young man a stranger.  But he touched my heart that day just because he wanted to share a brief moment together on a special day in his Rwandan village.  I am so different from him and yet he seemed like a part of me as I clutched his shoulder.  There is comfort in knowing that we will meet again and we will not be strangers…and until then, I choose to call this special young man my friend and more inspiration for the second half  journey.

Inspiration never comes from ME!

Well, I will be honest, I have been really frustrated lately with my second half  journey.  Worrying about  MY plans, MY path, going MY WAY on MY time line!  Enough already!  At times, completely losing sight of who I am serving here and getting caught up in the “world” of this instead of the “spirit” of this.  I find myself behaving very much like I do in the working world.  Create a plan, set the milestones, execute the plan, meet the deadlines, rinse-repeat!  HA!  That doesn’t work so well on His time line, I am here to tell you.  I quote the inspiring words of Dale Dawson, a seasoned Halftimer on this topic… “I... read more

Psalm 16 – a guiding message

After seeking some counsel from Pastor Jeff, I get the most profound insight from a scripture that he recommended.  The Second Half Journey is certainly a great blessing but if we let our “worldly” thoughts and actions overtake us, we can get frustrated, confused and anxious about the future of this path.  Letting go of that and just letting God lead is the key but I will be honest, it’s not easy at times.  I am so overly blessed by the people that God has placed in my life at the most opportune time, from my family to my church and Pastor Jeff. I thank God for Greg Murtha at Halftime and so many... read more

Delight yourself in the Lord

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.  ~ Psalm 37:4 During a lovely dinner with some friends of  Opportunity International, I asked for some wisdom about gaining clarity on the vision that God has put in my heart for me to carry out.  Without hesitation, my dear friend Sam shared this wonderful verse above.  How true it is if we will simply “delight ourselves in the Lord”. Oooohhh, just pause for a moment and marinate in that for a few minutes and see how it feels.  By doing so, we will empower His vision to be revealed so clearly that we no longer question, ponder, etc. ... read more


“What will they think?” Do you ever ask yourself this question when you contemplate a stronger commitment to God’s plan for your life?  Who are THEY?….really, I wonder.  Who are “they” that make us so afraid and intimidated to follow God’s loving plan for us?  How did “they” become more powerful than God in our lives?  We allow them to make us feel weak, foolish and self-conscious when we even consider the possibility of stepping up to the plate to live the very life that He planned out for us.  “They” are everywhere.  They might be family, friends, colleagues, or even strangers.  We worry more about their acceptance of us living out our truth... read more

The Heart Knows

The heart knows where to lead us once we recognize the process of letting go. Pressures of our conscious and unmistakable memories keep becoming our nemesis. Every day is another opportunity to make a decision about our calling and hear the voice so deep within us that we must act today, not tomorrow. Prepare a heart to do battle, to do song and to be the righteous gift of peace to ourselves and to everyone. The seed that fell among thorns stands for those who hear, but as they go on their way they are choked by life’s worries, riches and pleasures, and they do not mature. ~ Luke 8:14

Through Him…we find our way

Through Him…we find our way.

Thank God for Closed Doors?

We’ve all heard the saying “thank God for unanswered prayers”, right?  Well, the same goes for closed doors perceived as missed opportunities.  In 2007, I learned one of my biggest life lessons about the way God directs and steers our lives when we are ready to receive His guidance.  Think about it, how is He going to do this for us when we have an independent mind and free-will to do whatever we want?  Someone much wiser than me told me once, when you’re on God’s path, life is easy.  Things come freely because its exactly what He desires for us and that is where we find peace.  So I’ll give you one example... read more

Inner wisdom lies dormant…

Inner wisdom lies dormant until we develop the ability to hear the heart louder than the mind. ~ Teresa Devine