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Today Our Life Begins

Today Our Life Begins Each day is a new beginning.  This is so common that we forget the magic that comes before us every morning.  Each day is another opportunity to begin anew.  We can choose to begin a new way of looking at our problems or at our blessings.  We can choose to begin a life of meaning full of hope, joy and laughter.  This is so real and true that we can choose to believe it’s a false concept.  Why?  We are busy people.  We are busy with the clutter of life’s problems, issues and petty situations that occupy our time and distract us from choosing to begin a new life, a... read more

our life is a story 247 purpose

Our Life is a Story

What is the purpose of our story? Constant pressure reveals to us time and space that encapsulate a mission and a purpose to pursue. I recognize a gift of tumultuous energy just bursting at the seams. I don’t know where it comes from or where it’s going, but I know that this is part of the frequency and it’s mine.  Our life is a story. I seek guidance on many aspects and ask for God to be in control. I never quite understand the journey at the moment, but I know that the ending completes a story. A story is an endless string of characters within the time capsule that we call our life.... read more

Discovering God’s mission in your life

I had a wise lady tell me years ago that our mission here on earth is simply to serve and love God – that’s it and it’s the same for everyone.  Four very short but extremely powerful words.  Too simplistic and vague for most of us to grasp.  We want details, instructions, how-to manuals and precise direction.  Our “worldy” ways of living have created complexities in our lives that I don’t think even we can grasp – we just do it.  We’ve allowed ourselves to become so distracted and ‘busy” as a nation that it keeps us separated from God and extremely difficult to find His will for us. Allow me to digress a... read more

You Are Made To Succeed by Diane Hale

This is a must share… You Are Made To Succeed Diane M. Hale Feb 22, 2010 “…For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.” [Joshua 1:8b The Message] To SUCCEED… the word has become synonymous with property, power, position and pensions…empty goals when they are ends in themselves. Goals in colorful wrappings, illusions that shift and shape according to the power of man’s control and the whims of the world. So what is the goal and where do we find this success that comes intricately woven into the fabric of obedience to God and His Word. ”…don’t get off track, either left or right, so as... read more

Step Out!

The best advice that I could ever give somone (if they should ever ask 😉 is to STEP OUT!  Step out of your comfort zone and just try it…regardless of how challenging or crazy it might seem.  I’m grateful to my husband who encouraged me to go out and get a job in the Internet marketing field (dating back 2000).  His encouragement empowered me to believe that I could do that with no prior knowledge or experience.  He said “you like it, why not go out and find a job doing what you like?”  So I did. And that little amount of encouragement sent me on a career path that I could have never dreamed... read more

Searching, Searching, Searching…

Do you find yourself constantly searching for answers or trying to fill a void that you can’t explain?  Do you ever start wondering how much time is spent doing this analysis?  My DNA is designed to gain information, learn and continue learning.  I love this about myself – my quest for knowledge keeps my life interesting and challenging.  However; there comes a point when I have to stop and ask myself how much is enough?  When do I stop searching and make a decision to ACT?  For the person like me, this is a serious challenge.  Being a new Halftimer, I find myself searching for the “next thing” or the “right path” that God... read more

What am I DOING?

So, the awkward road of starting the halftime journey is in full force today.  I’m grappling between the “living in the world Teresa” and the “serving the Lord Teresa”.  I know that these should be one in the same, but honestly they are not.  I’m ashamed to say that the “world” is still winning and I’m not able to connect my work life with serving Him.  I am stuck in this rut, so I feel.  My identity is still all tied up with “worldly” things driving me to make decisions based on fear instead of faith.  So I ask myself, do I just take the plunge and let the chips fall where they may?  I’ve heard financial horror stories about making these hasty decisions... read more

Delight yourself in the Lord

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.  ~ Psalm 37:4 During a lovely dinner with some friends of  Opportunity International, I asked for some wisdom about gaining clarity on the vision that God has put in my heart for me to carry out.  Without hesitation, my dear friend Sam shared this wonderful verse above.  How true it is if we will simply “delight ourselves in the Lord”. Oooohhh, just pause for a moment and marinate in that for a few minutes and see how it feels.  By doing so, we will empower His vision to be revealed so clearly that we no longer question, ponder, etc. ... read more

So who cares?

How appropriate that I begin the chronicle of my second half  journey on Sunday, the Lord’s day!  I’ve been putting this off for two years but the prompting from God continues…so here it is.  The second half journey blog will provide loving words of encouragement for anyone out there who is thinking about or embarking on a life led by God instead of  purely by their own desires.  Those who are stuck in a life of heartache, misery or just mundane daily routines who long for something more might find the nudge or guidance to help them move towards a life of significance.  Simply put, the intention is to share my own life experiences... read more