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FREE Spiritual Gifts Assessment

Unlock your God given spiritual gifts through our FREE Spiritual Gifts assessment test.  You will be amazed by the accuracy when you receive the results and become aware of your dominant spiritual gifts.  Each spiritual gift is a unique quality of who you are and how God designed you to serve within the body of Christ and throughout your daily life.

If you have the spiritual gift of “LEADERSHIP”, the report reveals that you are a natural leader.  If you have the spiritual gift of “EXHORTATION”, it means that you give encouragement to others easily.  If you have the spiritual gift of “MERCY”, it means that you find it easy to have patience and compassion for those who are suffering.  These are just three of the fifteen spiritual gifts that you will unlock by taking our FREE Spiritual Gifts assessment.

You will discover how you are already naturally gifted in these areas.  The FREE spiritual gift assessment is here to confirm and validate God’s design for you and how He’s enabled you to serve in the areas that best align with your strengths and spiritual gifts.  Get ready to gain more confidence, energy and joy about who you are today!

Let’s get started with your Spiritual Gifts Test!

If you are prompted to create an account, please use access code 62414255 to activate the assessment.  Once you see Step 1 of 11, you are ready to begin your FREE Spiritual Gifts Assessment.  It takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete the Spiritual Gifts test.  To ensure the highest accuracy, please answer the questions with your first reaction. Once you finish the questions, please send a copy to us at connect@247purpose.com.  Have fun!