Spiritual Growth Courses

Equipping Christians to grow a deeper relationship with Jesus.  Through our courses and guidance, we unlock your unique strengths and spiritual gifts to develop a spiritual growth action plan that is fun, rewarding and life changing.  Start living on purpose at home, work, and play – every day!

Experience “Marriage on The Rock”, the proven marriage counseling program that will ignite or re-ignite a lifelong love story.  Whether your marriage is hurting or happy, this marriage counseling 10 week series will equip your marriage with a 100% chance of success.

You’ve heard of team building, right?  Well, we are revolutionizing family life through family team building.  We unlock each family members unique strength and establish a God first strengths-based family environment.

Why Create a Spiritual Growth Plan?

It’s common to create financial plans, workout plans, business plans, wedding plans and many too numerous to mention.  So, why don’t we hear more about how to develop a spiritual growth plan?  So many of us spend years trying to figure out our purpose and what God wants from us.  We spin our wheels feeling empty, confused and even frustrated about seeking God’s will. The answer lies in the teachings of Jesus and once we commit to reading the word and getting into the presence of God daily, we gain everything, and more, that we were searching for on our own.

The 24/7 Purpose Online Academy offers several online courses that offer daily practical applications to help us unlock the knowledge necessary to live the life God intended. We offer simple techniques that can add untapped resources of time and energy diverted towards focusing on God first.  Everyone is busy!  That is not even a question in today’s world. Through our assessments and digital applications, you will find time for God.  You will see immediate results by choosing to spend a few minutes reading the Word on a mobile app and changing behaviors that are causing harm in relationships, work or any area of life.

We equip Christians with the discipleship training necessary for everyday life. Our courses are unique because they offer practical knowledge, tools and personal insights into how to activate the Christ-like example that Jesus teaches us about in the Gospels.  For those who are looking to be all-in for God and want a deeper relationship with Jesus, we offer easy to follow, self-pace coursework without leaving your home. Discover how God uniquely designed you for His service through the Strengthfinder assessment.  Learn how to align your passions, spiritual gifts and daily life with God’s purpose and release a journey unimagined.


Joy, passion & purpose every day!

Choose God’s path instead of your own and activate the desires of your heart.
“Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” – Psalm 37:4

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