Success Stories

David N.

"Ms. Teresa and 24/7 Purpose have been the most significant life changing experience I've had; next to my coming to Christ. Through this course I have grown more as a man and a Christian. the personal and spiritual examinations are things that I shall carry on for the rest of my life." - David N. - Lawrenceville, GA

Kelcey W.

"Loved the diversity and authenticity from the LifeShop speakers and learning various ways to read the Bible. Felt like home away from home." – Kelcey W. - Atlanta, GA

Cheryl C.

"The Bible app is a great way to be purposeful and gain consistency in spending time with God daily." - Cheryl C. - Port St. Lucie, FL

Cindy D.

"24/7 purpose; the most impactful, simply strategic plan of opening my mind to the wonderful world of abiding God’s will without wonder or work." - Cindy D. - Dallas, TX