You can succeed…

You can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed. ~ Napoleon Hill

Lead, Follow…

Lead, follow or get out of the way! ~ Thomas Paine (original author) Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way! ~ unknown (doctor’s office version)

Can chocolate bars create core values?

Find your truth and keep true to yourself – that is all that any of us should be asked to do. If we do that God’s plan simply falls into place. How? Stand firm in your core beliefs without waiver. Living by those beliefs keeps life simple. Decisions become easy to make and the treatment of others becomes less selfish. If we ask for mercy, it’s received – isn’t this enough? Be glad and joyful of yourself and the teachings of Christ. Stay connected to your faith and be mindful of the tongue and thought. (one of my biggest challenges) You will hear your voice wrestle with combined temptation, wonder, fear, hope and disbelief... read more

In my life…

In my life I have suffered a great many a tragedy…most of which never occurred. ~ Mark Twain

Light of Truth

Lift up your hearts and stand tall to listen. Stay near the truth with strong belief and release your power within. Carry a torch to the light of hope and protect your character. Good fortunes and abundance are always available to do good upon your gifts. Believers carry gold to those in need. The light of Christ brings strength to all of us and the mission of truth will be carried throughout the world. Torch bearers bring peace to the world when they speak the message of truth. Christ believes in us, so should we. Stop the struggles, remember…bravest are those who carry the sword! We are His soldiers of truth.