Rwanda: Schools to Adopt ICT-Based Learning

Rwanda: Schools to Adopt ICT-Based Learning 3 October 2011 The Rwanda Education Board (REB) will, this month, launch an ICT-based training programme, to guide teachers in integrating basic ICT into their lessons. Primary school teachers will be the first to benefit from the training. The others will be catered for at a later stage. 1,000 teachers are expected to have benefited from the program by June 2012. This was disclosed by Evode Mukama, the Director of ICT at REB, during a town hall meeting yesterday, organised to update the public on the fourth coming International Teachers Day. “We will train teachers on how to integrate ICT in their lessons and also extend IT skills... read more

Immaculee IIibagiza found forgiveness from genocide in Rwanda

Her family massacred during the genocide in Rwanda, Immaculee IIibagiza found forgiveness By Kelle Barr | Special to the Kalamazoo Ga… April 23, 2010, 8:59AM KALAMAZOO — Immaculee IIibagiza spent 91 days hiding in a tiny bathroom with seven other women during the genocide in Rwanda — a massacre in the 1990s that left a million people of her Tutsi tribe dead. After Rwanda’s president was killed, members of the Hutu tribe murdered entire families, including IIibagiza’s parents, grandparents and two brothers, she told an audience at the State Theatre on Thursday. “They went from home to home, breaking down doors and hacking people to death,” she said. “I didn’t want to leave, but... read more

This Christmas, Give the Gift of Hope to Rwanda

Listen to Dale’s Message – CEO of Bridge2Rwanda. [youtube=] Make a difference this Christmas season by donating a gift to help the Bridge2Rwanda team… Mobilize and support our growing team of American volunteers who are moving to Rwanda to teach and lend their talents to help Rwandans learn to do it for themselves. Renovate the former military base given to Bishop John by the Rwanda government into a permanent Muhabura University campus in Musanze, where we can create a boarding school environment and begin teaching at least 250 students at a time. I’ve been to Rwanda and witnessed the hearts desires to become the world’s shining light of hope, forgiveness and prosperity in years... read more

Beloved Manzi Kevis – Dreams to be a Neurosurgeon

[youtube=–qCw] In May 2009 a young man named Manzi entered our life for the first time.  Little did we know that he would have such an impact on our hearts and minds in that 10 minute meeting in Musanze, Rwanda.  There was something about Manzi, so unique that I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but I knew instantly that he had “IT”.  Looking into his eyes I could see the drive and determination deep in his soul to create a better world.  A better world not only himself but for the people of Rwanda.  When I asked him what he wanted to be after graduating high school, he said with intense passion... read more

Creating a Dream for Manzi

During our trip to Rwanda, Africa in May of this year, we traveled to a very special place called the Sonrise School located in Musanze, Rwanda.  What a treat to meet so many beautiful and loving children, most of them orphans.  As we roamed around the new construction of the high school being built, Keith poked his head into one of the class rooms.  A young man so warm and friendly politely introduced himself as Manzi!  He asked Keith if he played basketball which he did back in the day.  Manzi also shared a love for basketball so they quickly had something in common to share.  I will never forget the way he introduced... read more

Meet Dale Dawson &

[youtube=] The mission of my second half journey officially began through a chance meeting with Dale Dawson and Melissa Yates at an Opportunity International conference. I will write about that experience in an upcoming blog. If you’re going to follow along with me on this journey, it’s important for you to know the people who inspire, encourage and enable others like me to make this choice to live on purpose. Keith and I were fortunate enough to travel with Dale to Rwanda in May 2009 and his heart for Rwanda is so big it could swallow the continent of Africa. If you enjoyed the video and would like to learn more about, please... read more