Christian Life Coaching

Christian life coach, Teresa Devine, offers Strengths-based Christian Leadership coaching to business owners committed to serving the Lord in the marketplace.

Struggling to manage time for God, business, and family? That’s my specialty. As a former Fortune 500 executive, I learned to re-configure life to better serve the Lord. Working together, we will unlock new talents, align  passion with purpose, and structure your life to serve God and those you love effectively. The ultimate life God intended awaits you.

Teresa offers Christian life coaching for busy people feeling stuck or lacking direction in their spiritual walk. Together, we design a growth plan to ignite your passions towards a fulfilling life. We can go deeper and  release hidden mind traps limiting your potential and ability to walk closely with the Lord without barriers.

Struggling in your marriage? Certified Strengths coach, Teresa Devine, offers strengths-based life coaching aligned with the renowned and proven “Marriage on the Rock” training program. My marriage healed this way and yours can too. I coach you how!

We take team building to a whole new level by equipping the lives of Christian non-profit team members with the spiritual growth tools necessary to serve God more fully.

We are revolutionizing family life through strengths-based families, a one-of-a-kind team building solution. Establishing God as the primary focus, you will unlock unique strengths and spiritual gifts for every family member and establish a more harmonious unit aligned with God’s purpose and one another.

For those asking, "What is my purpose?"

At 24/7 Purpose, we exclude no one and we welcome anyone who is asking “what is my purpose in life?”  As a wanderer in my faith for many years, I know firsthand what you are going through as you ask this question. As a child, believing in Jesus and saved at age 16, I still didn’t know God well enough to live the life He intended because I didn’t invest time and energy reading and studying the Bible or applying the other principles of a God serving lifestyle. Spending years trying to “figure out” my purpose in life through work, relationships or in a far-off land, I finally enabled God to reveal the answer to the mystery learning that it was never a mystery at all.  As it’s written in Mark 12:30-31, Jesus tells us God’s purpose for our lives. We try to live life our way but we want to live our purpose in life.  That sentence contradicts the very life and purpose that God intended for us and it’s a life unimaginable full of adventure doing life God’s way every day, on purpose.

Because of the lack of Biblical knowledge and spiritual guidance, we attempt to find fulfillment within our work, families and other activities.  Once we gain the spiritual direction and understanding that our purpose is the same as everyone which is to know, love and serve God by emulating the life example of Jesus Christ, we start to live God’s purpose through unique experiences and callings that He wants us to pursue.  It breaks my heart to see others floundering in the wonder like I did for so long.  My purpose has always been to know, love and serve God and I didn’t find my purpose in any other way than by obeying God’s commandment found in Mark 12:30-31 and striving to live a life that emulates the life of Jesus on a daily basis seeking righteousness and wanting to serve others first.

There is a formula for getting closer to Jesus and reaching the revelation that I describe. Choose to get started today by downloading our FREE spiritual growth plan toolkit and activate your unique plan.  If you want to go deeper, we can provide spiritual guidance to get you there through the 24/7 Purpose Online Academy courses.

Focused on spiritual growth for individuals, married couples, families and teams, we have something for everyone who desires to grow with the Lord.

Joy, passion & purpose every day!

Choose God’s path instead of your own and activate the desires of your heart.  “Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” – Psalm 37:4

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