purpose in businessPURPOSE IN BUSINESS

Leadership Development for Small Business Owners

“Purpose in Business” in our latest offering designed specifically for small business owners who want to align with God’s purpose and grow their business with the power of a mastermind group. We equip small business owners with the tools and resources to grow themselves and their employees as leaders based on Biblical and strengths-based servant leadership principles.

The leadership development program for small business owners is taught in a group setting and based on the proprietary teaching “Lead Like Heroes” developed by CEO, Teresa Devine.  Stay tuned for  Teresa’s “Lead Like Heroes” book which is launching in early 2019.

“Purpose in Business” leadership development program is a six-month course that meets monthly in Alpharetta, GA with a mastermind group of like-minded small business owners.  The group will share real-world business challenges and advice from their own experiences to advance the impact and value of the leadership development program.

You will get, learn, and apply the 4-key values of purpose in business:

  • How to prioritize God first in work, home and play.
    • Current life assessments & prioritization reality check
    • Balancing work with family, friends focused on living God’s way 24/7.
  • Humbleness – “Humble is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself, less.” – C.S. Lewis
    • Servant leadership training from Biblical principles
    • Employee engagement training that will change your workplace
  • Extraordinary skills – Master the art of being extraordinary in all that you do
    • Discover God given strengths based on Gallup’s Strengthsfinder 2.0 assessment
    • Unlock God given spiritual gifts
  • React Well – “Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.” – Charles Swindoll
    • Measure your EQ (emotional intelligence) score and how to increase it
    • Role play training including: conflict resolution, performance reviews, etc.
  • Ownership – “Personal accountability is a required choice for success.” – Teresa Devine
    • Fully equipped personal accountability training
    • Take charge of your life with God at the helm

Please contact us for further details and how to apply to the Purpose in Business leadership development small business owners program.  New mastermind group starting in January 2019.