“What will they think?Do you ever ask yourself this question when you contemplate a stronger commitment to God’s plan for your life?  Who are THEY?….really, I wonder.  Who are “they” that make us so afraid and intimidated to follow God’s loving plan for us?  How did “they” become more powerful than God in our lives?  We allow them to make us feel weak, foolish and self-conscious when we even consider the possibility of stepping up to the plate to live the very life that He planned out for us.  “They” are everywhere.  They might be family, friends, colleagues, or even strangers.  We worry more about their acceptance of us living out our truth than actually living out our truth.

How can this be?

What is it that we are so afraid of anyway?

Are these fears even rational or real?

Are “they” really that important if they reject us for accepting God’s plan?

Not so long ago I had these same fears and I asked these same questions for myself.  As I fully accepted Him and all that He is in my life, this fear vanished.   “They” did not abandon me and “they” become a much larger group of like-minded wonderful human beings that filled my days with support, encouragement and love that I had not known before.  If “they” don’t appreciate or have the desire to be a part of a life committed to God’s work…I guess I don’t need “they” anymore.

Do you?  Really?

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  1. Tom Allen

    Beautifully, artfully, and powerfully put! Yes, I confess, I too was long held captive by “they”. No more, but…
    I now actually find “they,… what will they think” useful. It mustn’t hold us back, but it SHOULD cause us to always take great care to be “authentic”. When we are less than totally “authentic”, when we slip into playing a role, rather than being real, THEY might bust us, and fear of THAT is a good thing.

  2. teresadevine

    …and herein lies the reason why you are my mentor 🙂

  3. Teresa

    Hi Aaron – thank you for sharing your thoughts & insights. I hope you will continue to visit & contribute…”:)

    ~ Blessings – Teresa

  4. Teresa Devine

    I didn’t “quite” get what you meant until I was BUSTED last week! ~ thought you would get a chuckle out of that…

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