God’s Field is Below My Feet

“My field…where I’m called to serve, is below my feet and I walk in His Grace serving this little space answering His call hour by hour, person by person, task by task in Divine service. Tomorrow might bring a new calling but tomorrow may never come so I prepare thoughtfully for tomorrow while fulfilling each opportunity of the day to bring Him glory.”


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    O, Devine one, thank you for leading your family, friends, and followers from the silent parched desert back into such a beautiful forest. I love your writing! It so beautiful and I am not surprised that it takes many weeks to craft, choose, and refine 64 words. Let me confess to the world once and for all that I may re-post you often.

  2. Judy Mullett

    So glad you are back, I have missed the Devine writings, love this one and you

  3. -

    Thank you, Tom…You are the ultimate encouragement!

  4. -

    Thanks Mom! Means a lot to have my greatest Mentor reading my work.

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