Personal Mission Statement

Have you ever considered writing your own personal mission statement?  Businesses spend a lot of time and money creating and refining their company mission statement.  It serves as their vision, a road map to keep the company activities and its employees on a common goal.  Businesses that take this seriously will have cultural components or values tied into their mission statement so the culture comes to life through its mission statement.

A personal mission statement is very much the same idea.  It provides a vision and a goal to keep your self on the path that you have laid out according to your mission.  You don’t have to be a business expert to take on this exercise.  It should be fun, exciting and energizing to think about who you are and what you wish to accomplish, personally.

I started this for myself about three years ago and when I first developed one it was three sentences covering various aspects of my life at the time.  Over the years, I refined it through a couple of iterations and finally ended up with one that is very simple yet covers every experience, accomplishment, etc. that I can ever imagine. Are you ready?

To serve and love God.

This means that I am available  anytime to be anywhere doing whatever He wants me to do.  With that, I know that He will request me to use my skills, strengths, talents and treasure that He has afforded to me over the years.  It’s an incredible feeling knowing that if I carry through on my mission statement I will be doing exactly what I am intended to do.

Try it out…let me know what you can create for your own mission statement! 🙂

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  1. Mom

    I’m still reading and loving it

  2. Tom Allen

    So short. So sweet. So surrendered. And so liberating. To know that you are who you are created to be; doing what you are created to do, if you are simply loving and serving God. This will often seem to be evidenced in VERY “small things”, but God measures differently than does man, if He measures at all.
    I must get busy on my personal mission statement.

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